Matching donor tally up to $658! Reflecting on Self Promotion

Splitting yourself isn’t always this easy. Someone is going to get dunked in about 5 seconds.

The race to raise the next $1,000 to be able to claim all of my anonymous donor’s $1,000 matching gift is heating up. A generous friend just catapulted the total ┬áto $658. I’m so excited to get to $1,000 because then I will get double that – thanks to another super generous friend. If anyone is also feeling generous, you can donate at

And I sent out three letters of inquiry to different grant giving organizations, at $2,000 each. That was difficult. I always think that I write about important things -so of course I should get grants. And then when it comes to actually writing up the application or letter of inquiry I chicken out because I get filled with self-doubt. So the new rule is: the self-doubt doesn’t get a vote in the process. I split myself in two: the artist, and the PR person. The PR person writes the grant applications, and the artist writes the musical. The PR person is closer to P.T. Barnum, and shamelessly promotes herself (within reason). The artist is like Woody Allen, and retreats into privacy to create really funny, insightful work. And these two halves may inform each other, but they are not “the boss of each other”.

The things you have to do to be a playwright-producer.


Developmental Reading at NYMF – “Manuel” is in!

statue of lib - sunsetThis has been an amazing holiday season. I got word that our musical “Manuel versus the Statue of Liberty” was a Next Link Finalist at the New York Musical Theatre Festival ( I just now heard I will be working with Dramaturg Mary Kate at the NYMF, and our show is going to be part of the developmental reading series. This is fantastic! This is just what the show needs! Some gentle, expert dramaturgical guidance! We did not get a Next Link Grant, and that is ok with me. Sometimes you just have to be honest with yourself and say “I am not ready to skip a grade/step in the process.” So this is the year that “Manuel” gets catapulted into the major leagues – and us with him…we are going to create the most kick-ass, fun, patriotic, touching musical comedy about illegal immigration the world has ever seen!!! And then in July 2014, you all get to come and hear it for FREE! And I predict in July 2015 you will come and see it for cheap (tix about $25 each) in the festival, and it will knock everyone’s socks off! And people will be humming ‘my name is mother of exiles’ in the streets. Here’s the track so you can start practicing!

I am super grateful to my friends and family who have generously donated to support this show – it takes a village to put on a musical, and I live in a really generous, inspiring village. One dear childhood friend made a big donation, she really upped the ante, and that brought my total fundraising close to $1,000. Everyone who gave me money is getting thanked in the program – every single person – even my nephew who gave me a nickel.

Thank you all! Thank you thank you thank you!! (Thank you) x 108!

If you want to donate, you can do so here.

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