Manuel vs. Statue – NYMF 2015 Next Link Production

Winner of the 2015 NYMF “Social Relevance and Impact” Award

Outstanding Individual Performance by Shakina Nayfack (Statue of Liberty)

Nominated for 2015 NYMF Best Musical

Manuel vs. ROUND 1 (10 of 10)

“Fight for my dream”

Manuel vs. ROUND 1 (4 of 10)sm

Manuel sings Contender – his dream to become a citizen and a Classics Professor.

Manuel vs. ROUND 1 (7 of 10)sm

Define American.

Manuel vs. ROUND 1 (8 of 10)sm

Manuel and the Statue of Liberty go at it. If he loses, he is deported.

Manuel vs. ROUND 2 (1 of 34)sm

The Statue of Liberty always wins.

Manuel vs. ROUND 2 (6 of 34)sm

Mami and Manuel have a heart to heart.

Manuel vs. ROUND 2 (12 of 34)sm

A rap battle of wits between the Statue and Manuel.

Manuel vs. ROUND 2 (16 of 34)sm

Immigration 101 – the USCIS was never this much fun.

Manuel vs. ROUND 2 (19 of 34)sm

The Statue looms as Manuel and his sister Yolanda scheme.

Manuel vs. ROUND 2 (23 of 34)sm

Manuel, Yolanda and the Statue.

Manuel vs. ROUND 2 (25 of 34)sm

Too big to fail.

Manuel vs. ROUND 2 (22 of 34)

Fake birth certificate?

Manuel vs. ROUND 2 (26 of 34)sm

Mami’s blessing to Manuel.


Gil Perez-Abraham (Manuel), Shakina Nayfack (Statue of Liberty), Anthony Chan (Jack and others), Tami Dahbura (Mami and others), Erika Gonzalez (Jill and others), Michael Marotta (Mr. Walsh and others), AJ Meijer (Ref and others), Alicia Taylor Tomasko (Yolanda and others).



  1. Barbara Jolson says:

    I saw your show at the festival and I have not stopped thinking about it!! I loved it and saw great potential for it. I have dabbled a little in investing in the theatre and I have a theatre background myself ( in my youth) besides having a great love for this art form.
    I’d like to follow your progress with the development of this play. What’s going on with it now? What are your plans?
    I’d appreciate it if you could keep me in the loop and maybe there could be a way that we could work together in the future.
    Looking forward to hearing from you
    Barbara Jolson

  2. mp3juice says:

    I couldn’t refrain from commenting. Exceptionally well

  3. Judy says:

    How do I contact you?

    1. Noemidlp says:

      We are on Facebook.

    2. Noemidlp says:

      Hi Judy: forgive my tardiness in replying. I have been traveling a lot for great and fulfilling family reasons. You can contact us through our Facebook page, as well as using this blog, which I will review more regularly. I will send you an email privately. Blessings – Noemi

    3. Hi Judy:
      I can be reached through my theatre company Dramatic Question Theatre (DQT).
      Happy to have a conversation with you….

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