Matching donor tally up to $658! Reflecting on Self Promotion

Splitting yourself isn’t always this easy. Someone is going to get dunked in about 5 seconds.

The race to raise the next $1,000 to be able to claim all of my anonymous donor’s $1,000 matching gift is heating up. A generous friend just catapulted the total  to $658. I’m so excited to get to $1,000 because then I will get double that – thanks to another super generous friend. If anyone is also feeling generous, you can donate at

And I sent out three letters of inquiry to different grant giving organizations, at $2,000 each. That was difficult. I always think that I write about important things -so of course I should get grants. And then when it comes to actually writing up the application or letter of inquiry I chicken out because I get filled with self-doubt. So the new rule is: the self-doubt doesn’t get a vote in the process. I split myself in two: the artist, and the PR person. The PR person writes the grant applications, and the artist writes the musical. The PR person is closer to P.T. Barnum, and shamelessly promotes herself (within reason). The artist is like Woody Allen, and retreats into privacy to create really funny, insightful work. And these two halves may inform each other, but they are not “the boss of each other”.

The things you have to do to be a playwright-producer.


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