Switching it up – and suddenly!

Many thanks to all who have donated to my solo show “Fountain of Youth” efforts for 2014. I had a donor appreciation party which was lots of fun, and people braved the snow, brought quotes, engaged in totally random and fun games. And we shared wisdom about the aging process. I was getting ready to send out another email on my solo show efforts, and deep in another outline of improvements, and then I got an email from the New York Musical Theatre Festival (NYMF – the premiere musical theatre festival in NYC, if not the country). Turns out my musical comedy about illegal immigration made it as a finalist in the Next Link Program. I was beside myself with joy – yeah – out of body experience joy! Heart Attack joy! My composer Howard and I have had phone conversations with the NYMF people, and have gone back and forth amongst ourselves…wow! What an honor and a blessing to be one of the 20 finalists in a year where submissions were up by 50%.

So when God shuts a door (Theatre for the New City and the heinous 100% box office contract), She usually opens a window (NYMF Next Link). I’m not going to argue with the Divine. The Universe knows what it is doing. I’m climbing through that (bathroom) window, and switching up my plans for 2014, and committing to the NYMF journey with my musical comedy “Manuel versus the Statue of Liberty”. So “Fountain of Youth” is on hold for now, and “Manuel” is off and running!

Here’s “Fortune Favors The Brave” – a song Manuel sings at the beginning of the show.

Yeah – so, here is the awkward part. I now have to go back to all the wonderful and generous folks who gave me money for “Fountain of Youth” and ask if they would be willing to have that gift allocated to my musical. So you will be hearing from me soon.

Happy Holidays – and many blessings to you and your families!


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