Wah! CD raffle ends – just over $300 !

merceroak_300_cropMy first fundraising effort comes to an end. I had a raffle of CDs donated by Her Wahness herself (Wah! – great kirtanist). The lucky winner was Fred R.V. See the drawing on facebook here. I raised just over $300 in raffle ticket sales. Good start. I am not great at asking people for donations. It feels so egotistical to say to someone “My show is really good and worth supporting! Be part of what launches a new voice!”, even though I believe it to be true. So a raffle of something wonderful like Wah! CDs makes it feel easier, because there is the offer of something, not just asking.

If it were not for DQT, my theatre company, and Andrew Frank’s workshop on asking people for money to support your theatre work, I would not be able to do this at all. Not even close. It’s a valuable skill – asking for what you want. Being specific. I want money so I can produce my solo show about the search for the fountain of youth, the finding of it, and the discovery that it comes with a curse.

Again – I have the intention of creating a dialog among all of us – what is it to mature, to grow old? How can we do it gracefully (because it will happen)? But without money, the show will not happen. That is the bottom line.

So my next endeavor will be some sort of “Thank You Party” for all my donors so far, and donors-to-be. I like being in a position to give something back to those who have been so generous to me so far. So my goal is $15,000 and I have just over $300, with the promise of another $100 from my mind map sister Jean F. I’m on the boards! Great oaks from little acorns grow!

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