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Tales of generosity, and grant application gore…..

In the “great grant race of 2014-2015” where I scramble to get support, the Yip Harburg Foundation is the first one to support the show. Thank you Yip Harburg and your enduring legacy! I hope you are proud of the show you have supported when you see it at NYMF in July 2015. If I am half the lyricist he was, I will be doing just fine! I hope the story is the perfect blend of humor and social justice that opens hearts.

It’s an honor to receive support from the legacy of the lyricist who wrote “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” and “Brother Can You Spare a Dime”, and many other amazing songs. There was always an element of social justice in his songs. You can learn more about Yip Harburg and his work at the foundation website: http://yipharburg.com/.

Here are the gory grant stats so far: I’ve applied to 23 places. I’ve received 3 rejections, 1 yes, 2 letters have been returned to sender, and I have about $85,000 in outstanding requests for funding, for a production with a budget of about $67,000. Remember that not everyone is going to say yes, so I have to ask a lot of grant makers. I have 15 more applications/Letters of Inquiry (LOI in grant-speak) to go. To get my list I had to spend 3 afternoons at the fabulous Foundation Center Library at 79 Fifth Ave (near 16th street). I have about a 2 1/2 hour threshold before I start seeing double, and have to put aside the incredible search engine and catalog of grant givers the library has. So the list took me about 7 1/2 hours to compile. In addition, I have the blessing of NYMF’s Development Director who has helped me craft a proposal to send out, plus she’s helped me prioritize my list by “most-likely-to-love-and-support-Manuel vs. Statue“. That way, if I can’t get to all of them, then I at least get to the most important ones first. NYMF is my 501 (c) 3 fiscal sponsor and they are going above and beyond to help me find money for this wonderful project.

More tales of personal generosity: my coach Andrew Frank has also shared his considerable grant writing experience with me and helped me craft the LOI that I am sending out. I have another friend who is having a birthday party and in lieu of presents she is asking for donations to be made to the show. Two friends have stepped up to have fundraising parties for the show. Another friend is willing to do an “all or nothing match” of $1,500 for the fundraisers – it’s kind of like a real time, in person Kickstarter. Other friends are planning a benefit concert for the show. So things are getting into high gear here after the holidays. I’m glad because they kind of have to get into high gear: I have about $9,000 raised or committed, and I have to get to $67,000. Miles to go….

If you want to be part of the “tales of generosity”, please donate using the link, and remember to use the “Earmark Your Donation” pull down menu and select Manuel versus the Statue of Liberty as the show. Here’s the link: https://www.formstack.com/forms/?1699469-BPiZfVWAxx.

This is what it looks like:


If you have any questions about the “tales of grant application gore”, let me know – happy to pass along what little I know to others.



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  1. josefina del campillo says:

    hi noemi, we are here with quico reading your work!!! congrats to that. we are waiting for you to know about this story
    see you soon

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