The Business side of producing your work

When I hear similar advice from different people it is time to take heed. So I did, and I formed Mannyville LLC for the production. I had never formed an LLC before, so I got help from the great folks at They help small business owners. And I was surprised that they adapted well to the business needs I had in terms of musical theatre. They helped guide me through the online application, and gave me tips on which bank to use for checking, and how to keep my accounting clean for the LLC. Then they gave me some literature on how to write a business plan, and I have started working on a prospectus kind of thing to show donors. I will also share it with some friends who have graciously and enthusiastically volunteered to help me raise money for the NYMF production of “Manuel versus the Statue of Liberty” for next July (special shout out to Melanie, Blanca, Dora, Kim, Tom, Doug, and Matt!). I am super grateful to have these folks behind this effort! And special shout out to Tina who is going to help me hone my “ask”.

Ok – back to the business plan. My first draft was “ask everyone I know for money.” That was it. Now it is more sophisticated. I have a timeline, and some goals. Plus I am applying for grants. It really does help to write it all down. That’s another piece of advice quite a few people have given me. So I’m taking that advice too.

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