Rewriting – cutting characters and actors

This process is hard because the actors did such a good job with all the roles. But I have to cut 2 actors from the cast – so that means I am cutting characters left and right. Once I get the cast down to 8 actors the musical will be more likely to be produced elsewhere after our NYMF production in July 2015. Exciting news on that front, but not sure I am allowed to tell….

Rewriting is hard work! You have to be ruthless. I find it useful to pretend someone else wrote this, and it is my job to fix it. So far I have the cast down to 9 actors. It will probably stay that way for a bit. And once the changes settle in, I can cut one more…oh the agony! I don’t know how that is going to work out – I’m hoping there is a producer out there who is not afraid of a 9 singer/actor musical cast.

Ok – enough stalling for me – time to get back to the script.

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