Manuel versus the Statue of Liberty invited back to NYMF 2015!

Our developmental reading went so well that NYMF has invited us back for 2015 as a full production! This is really great news! Howard (the composer) and I have already started rewriting based on all we learned from the reading experience, and the audience feedback.We plan to have a table reading of the piece again in October to test out the improvements. We are looking for producers that want to take a chance on this show! It got a warm welcome from audiences, inspite of the flaws in the material, so we know it has potential. People really got behind the character of Manuel, and enjoyed the unfolding of his amazing journey. Howard and I have to raise even more money for this one (yikes! – donate here) but we are more prepared now, having been through the reading process.

I saw 9 shows and 3 readings at NYMF 2014 and learned a lot from every single show and reading. Ticket prices are $25 per show, and the readings are free, so I didn’t go broke either. We may go broke doing this musical though, if we don’t raise the money…oh well, nothing ventured, nothing gained. We have til some time in early March to secure financial commitments. So send lots of positive energy our way!

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