We did it! NYMF 2014 Developmental Reading!

Wow! We did it! We did three sold out public readings of “Manuel versus the Statue of Liberty” at NYMF, and got great audience response from all three shows. So grateful to NYMF for the dramaturgical support, the guidance, the great venue, staff, etc! And so grateful that the developmental reading format includes an audience questionnaire for people to fill out to help guide us with the rewrites. We are extremely proud of our show, the work we’ve done, the cast and musicians and creative team who collaborated with us to deliver the best possible incarnation of the show.

So a picture is worth a thousand words – here are some photos from the last rehearsal on July 9th.

Manuel vs Liberty Candids_RRP-101

The creative team: Howard Post (Composer), Elliot Meyers (Stage Manager), Mary McGinley (Assoc. Prod), me (Book and Lyric Writer), José Zayas (Director)

Manuel vs Liberty Candids_RRP-32

Carlo Albán (Manuel), Lisa Franklin (Statue of Liberty)

Manuel vs Liberty Candids_RRP-47

Ensemble: Blanca Camacho, Danny Boman, Diana Carolina Pou, Jessica Crilley, Gabriel Sloyer, Byron Meyer, Kevin Wood, Rachel Green

Manuel vs Liberty Candids_RRP-243

In the middle of a song…

Manuel vs Liberty Candids_RRP-233

Gabriel and Jill playing sportscasters that follow the fight. Lisa’s focus is undisturbed.

Manuel vs Liberty Candids_RRP-227

Yes, Danny Boman (as the Ref) really is that funny. Carlo (as Manuel) must endure such slings and arrows.

Manuel vs Liberty Candids_RRP-155

Blanca as Manuel’s mother blessing him in song.

Manuel vs Liberty Candids_RRP-156

Kevin (as Professor Walsh) and Jessica (Honey Girl) singing up a storm!

Manuel vs Liberty Candids_RRP-89

Howard with the musicians.

Manuel vs Liberty Candids_RRP-102

N: No more cuts to my fabulous script! J: I’m sorry but this part makes no sense. It has to go.

Manuel vs Liberty Candids_RRP-246

My name is Mother of Exiles, baby!

Manuel vs Liberty Candids_RRP-211

Elliot and Howard wondering how I snuck that cut back into the script.


No illusions – we are ecstatic it went so well, but we know it is not done. This is just the beginning. We have lots of ideas for rewrites which we are beginning immediately. We learned a lot about the piece in putting it together for the reading, and listening to the actors and their questions. And José helped refine and cut the script down, so the story was less cluttered. We were blessed with a great team all the way around! (special thanks to Rey Rosa for the photography)

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