The Excitement Builds!!

We start rehearsals on Monday! So excited to see how the actors and the director shape the moments in the script. Thank God it is a beautiful day out today, so I could go for a bike ride and distract myself. I keep replaying all the funny parts of the script and the songs in my head, and giggling for no apparent reason. We’ll see what the audiences have to say about this. Hopefully it will be funny to more than just me. And we do have audiences – my block of tickets from NYMF is almost used up. I am also excited because the Princeton Alumni New York City (PANYC – best acronym ever) may come as a group on Sunday the 13th! That would be amazing!

We got some good exposure in with a very nice write up here. Wow! More excitement because this is new to me – other people (not just me) writing about my work!

I have been keeping financial track of what we’ve raised and what we’ve spent for the show (part of my responsibility as the producer), and I’ve raised a bunch of money thanks to the generosity of friends and family, but I still need to raise a bit more. As Andrew Frank put it “It’s like negotiating for a parachute on the way down.” I need to raise about $3,000 more and I will meet all my expenses.

So I am still raffling off a Bryce Harper (#Nationals) signed baseball. You can find out about the raffle, and buy tickets here. Three tickets for $10, and seven tickets for $20. The raffle ends on July 5th. There is still time. I need to connect with a bunch of baseball fans to make this work: that’s a lot of tickets I have to sell. Or, if you are not a baseball fan, you might consider making a donation to this “little show that
could” !

I do have a plan B, so any of my cast who is reading this post, don’t worry, you will be paid the agreed upon amount. I would sell a kidney on ebay if it came right down to it. Don’t worry, that is not plan B. That is plan C.

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