Hashtags – another fun and big deal

The New York Musical Theatre Festival wants me to use their hashtag #NYMF2014 when I tweet. So of course I do. And then at our production meeting on Wednesday, our Associate Producer Mary asked me if I had thought of one for our show. I had thought of several very bad, very long hashtags. I the good sense to not use them, and wait to discuss them with other, more experienced tweeters.

So Mary came up with one: #vivaManuel . It is the perfect hashtag; easy to remember, short, fun, doesn’t give the show away but has something to do with the show.  So now I can tweet my head off about this show, and do it in style, with a unique hashtag. So be on the look out for posts that have #NYMF2014 and #vivaManuel all over them!

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