Manuel versus the Statue of Liberty – A Director !

I am happy to announce that José Zayas has joined the creative team of “Manuel versus the Statue of Liberty”!

Howard Post (Composer), myself, and José met at Repertorio Español today (where José is Artistic Director) and had a wonderful meeting where José asked some great questions that exposed places the script must be cleaned up. This is definitely shaping up to be one of the wilder, wackier musicals you may ever see.

Other good news – my anonymous donor matched the next $1,000 I raised, and then threw in an extra $500! And two colleagues donated $100 each – I was so touched by everyone’s generosity! This is great! Thank you all so much! You are part of the success! Part of the process! (if you’re reading this and you want to donate online, visit – all donations are tax deductible thanks to DQT being a 501 (c) 3 organization!)

I have some rewrites to attend to now. The first draft was fun, and was for us. The rewrites are tougher, and are for you, the audience.

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