Looking for grants to support the musical – a strategy

foundation center interior
Interior of the Foundation Center Library, New York City

I am looking for grants like a “crazy woman” – searching high and low for any foundation that will support the musical. So I may look “crazy” but I have a strategy:

– go to the Foundation Center with my own laptop and flashdrive

– look up as many foundations as I can (if you bring your own laptop you can stay as long as you want, if you use one of their terminals you have a time limit of 1.5 hours)

– get the guidance of the brilliant librarians that help with search terms

– go home and contact each foundation in the way they request

– follow foundation instructions in their applications, and ask as many of them as possible for money

So I found over 20 foundations in my last trip to the Foundation Center. I am now plowing through them and making a list of what to do with each one. Then I’ll contact all of them one way or another. Then I’ll put out letters or applications based on my findings. Then I’ll start over, and go to the Foundation Center again, and get more help from brilliant librarians and do more searching, and “lather, rinse, repeat.”

How do you do research for grants?

Donate on line! Tax deductible!

Screen shot of the actual web form for donations. Note the “Earmark Your Donation” tab at the top.

It’s official – NYMF is the fiscal sponsor of the show “Manuel versus the Statue of Liberty”, and you can donate on line to support this musical comedy about illegal immigration.

The link is: www.nymf.org/support-us/donate/

Make sure to use the pull down menu at the top to specify “Manuel versus the Statue of Liberty”. The pull down menu is called “Earmark Your Donation” – the very first thing under “Make a Donation”. If you don’t specify the show, the money goes to NYMF in general (who is lovely and deserving of every donation, but I need it more right now!) All donations are tax deductible because NYMF is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


November 9th – double blessing!

The unofficial photo of me practically exploding with joy about the award.

Sunday November 9th, at 1 PM I sat down with Lisa Dozier King at the Theatre Row Diner, and we went through the budget for “Manuel versus the Statue of Liberty” for NYMF 2015. I filled her in on our progress to date, our creative team, the concept for the show. In an hour and a half she gave me an incredible education on the business of producing a musical. And this is just the beginning. She’s got a ton of experience with NYMF and Off Broadway productions. It is a blessing to work with such a talented line producer/general manager!

The page in the NYMF 2104 Awards gala program!

Then at 6 PM my husband and I went to the NYMF Gala, and I accepted the 2014 Developmental Reading Series Award that comes with an automatic Next Link Production, and a grant for $5,000 towards the show! It was my own fairytale evening: my husband dressed up and wore a suit, and looked amazing; the food was incredible; the entertainment included a song from one of my favorite 2014 NYMF productions “Bayonets of Angst”; the awards presentations were funny (esp. Kevin McCollum and Douglas Carter Beane), and I got to receive the award for “Manuel versus the Statue of Liberty”, our musical comedy about illegal immigration. Receiving the award is a huge blessing that energizes me even more! The validation, the support (artistic, technical, emotional) that NYMF is giving me on this project is invaluable. I am blessed because NYMF is brave enough to believe in this show and in the creative team of the show. Like Manuel sings: “fortune favors the brave”; so may the Goddess Fortune smile down on this humble show, and smile down on NYMF and shower all of us with more blessings!

The official photo with the very brave Dan Markley, Executive Director and Producer of NYMF.