Another grant application

Another $5,000 grant application just posted on line with the New York Musical Theatre Festival ( All on line, all paperless. We live in an amazing time! This grant app is for my musical comedy about illegal immigration.  I recommend you check out the festival – lots of great new musicals. The organization is a wonderful breeding ground of new work in the genre. I saw 9 musicals last July and all of them were incredibly different, fascinating, and inspiring. Some of my faves: Standby, VolleyGirls, and the Icarus one set in the Depression era carnival.

Special thanks to the actor/singers who performed on our demo recordings. They made it possible.

And of course, special thanks to Howard Post, the composer – we totally invaded his recording studio for this. And he catered the sessions too!

The Great Grant Rush

I’ve applied for a $5,000 design enhancement grant for my solo show, so that I can work with awesome designers, and they will have fun designing the set and lights to communicate the sterility of the way old people will be dealt with in the future. My solo show starts in 2059, in a futuristic hospice, as one old lady manages to tell her daughter one last story before she dies. The world has changed significantly between now and then, and our worship of youth, and denial of aging have grown tremendously – causing extreme separation between generations. It would be cool to get the grant and be able to communicate “we’re not in 2014 anymore” immediately through the design, right as folks take their seats and thumb through the program. Special thanks to my theatre company for making this a remote possibility.

The statistics of grants are not in my favor. I have to probably apply for about $100,000 worth of grant possibilities to land $2 – $5K. So I’ve got a lot of grant application writing to do!

What has been your grant application experience? Is it worth it? Is it a closed loop of the same-old same-old who always get the grants, and newcomers don’t? What do you think?